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Acoustic monitoring system (AMS)


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Recovery Boilers, Power Boilers and Feedwater Heaters
Leak Detection and Condition Monitoring

Triple 5’s On Line Systems, Bench Top and Portable leak detecting equipment will help you locate problem areas in the early stages before they grow too large causing longer down times, higher repair costs and possible harm to employees.

Find the problem before it finds you!

The AMS-2 and AMS-3 systems designed and supplied by Triple 5 Industries are on-line systems to acoustically monitor pressurised vessels to aid in early leak detection. Both systems listen to the internal noises in the boiler using acoustic emission sensors mounted onto metalborne waveguides which do not invade the boiler and do not require maintenance.

The AMS-2 and AMS-3 Boiler Tube Leak Detection Systems are designed for steam leak detection in:

• Feedwater Heaters

• Recovery Boilers

• Power Boilers

Advanced technology is employed to locate leaks in all areas of the boiler including the furnace, waterwall, superheat, reheat, economizer, penthouse, and feedwater heaters.

Both systems interface to plant DCS through a serial link using a modbus, ethernet or simple ASCII format; 4-20mA outputs for each sensor optional.

The DL-2 and DL-3 Data Logging Spectrum Analyzers display trending plots such as steam flow, feedwater flow, furnace pressure, and ID fan speed.  Included are trending plots showing amplitude of the signal in dB versus time for 2,5 hours, 24 hours, 10 days, 30 days and 60 days.

Digital Filtering provides bandpass selection for each sensor through software settings. This adds flexibility to the system for tuning out interference from background noise.

A PC and modem can be used to remotely operate all functions of the AMS.