Compressed Air Management

After electricity, compressed air is the mostly widely used energy utility. It is also by far the costliest utility in financial, energy and environmental impact terms. This is before leakages. When leakages are taken into account the figures are staggering.

Mines and industry on average lose between 35% and 50% of compressed air output due to system leakages and losses in one form or another. Net efficiency is exceptionally low and cost of wastage very high. This situation usually prevails because of ignorance.

To overcome this situation Martec offers a compressed air audit service coupled with a Compressed Air Management Program (CAMP). The aim is to identify the primary contributors to compressed air system losses and establish a framework for sustained low levels of wastage.

Delivered as a one day training programme, CAMP creates awareness of the true costs associated with compressed air losses, improves operator culture, highlights management intervention requirements and best practice loss management strategies and requirements for realising ongoing savings. The environmental impact of the losses is also discussed.

In addition to this, Martec can supply leak detection equipment and training for leak detection and quantification based on the use of ultrasonic detectors or provide leak detection services.

Such leak detectors can readily detect a 0,1mm diameter leak @ 1 bar pressure at a distance of 15m, even in a noisy factory environment. The Martec ultrasonic leak detection service is completed during normal production and in normal operating conditions. No shut downs and no production interruptions necessary. All leaks are tagged and documented and a complete report is included.