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Condition assessment – distribution networks

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CableWISE® is a unique, non-destructive on-line electrical system condition assessment process that enables electric utilities and a wide range of commercial/industrial facilities to evaluate the condition of cable systems, accessories and connected equipment.

Improved System Reliability:
Knowing a cable system’s weaknesses enables owners, asset managers and reliability engineers to be proactive in finding and fixing problems before they cause outages.

Data acquisition:
Measurements with cable in normal service, no over-voltages
No outages or switching operations, require cable visibility
Cable life totally unaffected, guaranteed non-destructive

No disconnections required of terminations, no exposure to hot parts

On-line data acquisition performed within 10 minutes per feeder cable

Applicable to all types – PE, XLPE, EPR, PILC and other power cables operating at all voltages – 5kV to 345kV

Analysing and report:
Condition Assessment involves not only testing for partial discharge, but includes measurement of other aging related induced signals. The Lab analyses the data in the frequency and time domain. A detailed report with findings and recommendations will be forwarded to the customer.

• Eliminate downtime and potential damage to existing cable systems.
• Prioritise capital expenditures by identifying cables for repair, treatment or replacement.
• Increase customer satisfaction by finding incipient faults before they become outages.