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Condition monitoring – mechanical plant

Bearing condition monitoring on an electric motor

Bearing condition monitoring on an electric motor

aUltrasonic measurements taken on a gear box

Ultrasonic measurements taken on a gear box


We all know that friction causes wear. Predicting mechanical faults by monitoring friction levels in mechanical equipment is what an ultrasonic detector does best.

This technology detects the high frequency (ultra)sound emitted from friction caused by mechanical wear in rotating elements such as roller element bearings, gears and couplings. If the ultrasound intensity is measured on a periodic basis, a clear trend of the condition of the application will begin to emerge. Whether it be the earliest signs of equipment wear (minimal changes in condition) or an impending catastrophic machine failure, an ultrasonic detector measuring friction induced ultrasounds will detect the changes in condition before it is evident by changes in vibration, temperature, shock pulse or changes in lubricant integrity (tribology).  This is also achieved in a fraction of the time required for vibration analysis.

In addition to supplying the SDT range of ultrasonic detectors throughout Southern African and neighbouring country markets, Martec also provides a condition monitoring service for customers who cannot justify purchase of the equipment.

This service will initially consist of determining the current ultrasonic state of the mechanical apparatus in question. A baseline (starting point) of information will be collected and the apparatus in question will be compared at appropriate intervals to determine early stages of wear or decline in condition.

Applications include bearings, couplings, gears, valves, hydraulic systems (valves and cylinder leaks), steam traps, pump and lubrication control on bearings.

The Datalogging capabilities of the ultrasonic detectors from SDT allow the Martec inspector to quickly set up plant routes and manage an expansive condition monitoring database quickly and easily.