A Pragma Group Company



Cutsforth Inc. is a company with manufacturing facilities based in Minnesota, USA, that prides itself in providing best practice solutions for current collection systems on large rotating machines.  The primary area of application is power generators where Cutsforth provides several unique and exceptional offerings.


• Cutsforth removable brush holders

• Replacement slip ring assemblies

• Shaft grounding system



• On-load and on-line slip ring truing

• Spiral groove restoration

• Emergency support services

Cutsforth was founded on the principal that the way things have always been done may no longer be the best solution. This is a company committed to providing innovative and cost-effective solutions that will increase operational safety and reliability of generator and large motor slip rings, brushes and brush holders well beyond that of the original equipment.

Customers have come to rely on the quality of product and dedication to exceptional service for the long term. Cutsforth is The Power of Innovation.