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When it comes to resurfacing your rings and commutators, downtime is wasted time.  So why take your unit off-line when the Cutsforth On-line Truing is more cost effective, less time consuming—and, in most cases, more accurate?

On-line truing takes place at operational temperature and speed so rings are ground:

• In reference to the operational centre

• Less material is removed

• Life expectancy is extended

• Brush chatter and vibrations are reduced

On-line Truing versus Off-line Grinding

On-line truing is typically more cost effective and less time consuming:

• No downtime needed to perform the service

• No lost revenue

• No need to remove brush rigging or enclosures

On-line truing is more reliable due to a reduced risk of “infant mortality”.

On-line Truing can provide greater accuracy.  A round ring on turning gear doesn’t always equal a round ring on-line.


Safety is a big issue in plants everywhere today. Cutsforth have established an impeccable reputation with an unblemished record in respect of personnel and plant safety.  From small industrial machines to power generators in nuclear power plant, Cutsforth has the track record, experience and know-how for addressing your safety concerns.

Visit the Cutsforth On-line Truing website for more information including a video.