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The MPS Auto Degauss

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The auto downcycle on a B-H curve


Gaussometer with DC Hall Effect Probe & Zero Gauss Chamber


MPS Auto Degauss

High residual magnetic fields in rotating machine components is responsible for creating damaging shaft voltages and currents. The cause of the magnetic fields can be traced to magnetic chucks and couplings, magnetic particle inspections, magnetic probes and mounts, welding and other sources of electrical currents such as static currents or lightning. Demagnetizing is a necessary preventive maintenance procedure for rotating machinery to remove unwanted magnetism and reduce the risk of shaft currents being generated from high residual magnetic fields.

The MPS Auto Degauss is designed for the complete removal of unwanted magnetism. With the press of a button, the Auto Degauss enters an automatic DC “downcycling” mode. With each step, the Auto Degauss applies a reverse polarity at a predetermined power setting, to gradually reduce the magnetic field. The process of accurate “downcycling” minimizes the number of times demagnetizing is required to remove ill-positioned residual magnetism in parts. The Auto Degauss applies the necessary hold times in the “downcycling” process to insure magnetic field penetration into heavy steel sections. For performance and option details please see the Auto Degauss Specification.

MPS GaussoMeter
A reliable gauss meter, like the MPS Gaussometer, should be used routinely to take measurements on rotating machinery parts at operational shutdowns. Once the areas of high residual magnetism are identified, effective demagnetizing can be done with the automatic “downcycling” of the Auto Degauss.

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