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EasyChange® brush holders



Over 8000 Cutsforth Online Removeable Brush Holders in Service Worldwide


GE 7F retro fit



Brush Maintenance Problems Solved

The Problem:
Let’s be honest. You and your employees don’t like changing brushes on generators under-load.

The Answer:
Cutsforth’s innovative brush holder.
A proven solution that is safer, faster, easier, and more reliable solution than OEM and other aftermarket brush holders.

Improves Safety & Ease of Use

  • Permanent, locking handle on every holder
  • Mount allows for interchangeable replacement location
  • Safer “Rack In-Rack Out” operation


Addresses Common Brush Holder Problems

  • Arcing
  • Discolored shunts
  • Brush box restrictions
  • Brush chatter
  • Photographing
  • Poor spring tension
  • Brush box erosion


Decreases Maintenance Costs

  • Allows for faster brush changes
  • Reduces excessive ring wear
  • Keeps rings from going out of round