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Electro Static Technologies Inc. of Mechanic Falls, Maine USA is an industry leader in providing solutions to the damage caused by currents resulting from unwanted shaft voltages.

Aegis SGR™Shaft Grounding Rings prevent premature bearing failure caused by shaft voltages and currents induced by VSD drives, and by circulating currents on the shafts of large AC and DC machines. Applications include Power Turbines and Generators, Large AC Motors, Large DC motors, Traction Motors, all VFD Motors and Wind Turbine Generators.

• The most common field problems include:

• Repeated bearing failures

• Premature bearing failures on VSD motors

• Electrically induced failure of roller or ball type bearings

• Elevated voltages on the shafts of rotating equipment

This innovative new approach involves the use of a ring of specially engineered conductive micro fibers to redirect shaft current and provide a reliable, very low impedance path from shaft to frame, bypassing the motor bearings entirely. The ring’s patent-pending Electron Transport Technology™ uses the principles of ionization to boost the electron-transfer rate and promote extremely efficient discharge, even for the high-frequency shaft currents induced by VFD’s.