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The QPS SEW Vibration Monitoring Solution

Problem Situations

In most turbine generators, excessive vibration and thermal cycling of the SEW (Stator End Winding) weakens the insulation; causing stator bar fractures and fire. It becomes extremely dangerous for large turbines which are hydrogen cooled and might lead to an explosion.

QPS Solutions

Customers can avoid such risks by using a QPS Vibration Monitoring Solution with VibroFibre™ vibration sensors and monitoring system. QPS has completed 5 years of development in the VibroFibre™ technology and successfully adapted it into a condition monitoring solution for turbine generators in power plants around the world. This solution, by the measurement and trending of vibration amplitudes in the stator end windings, prevents unplanned down time by warning against damage to insulation leading to arcing and fire. An alarm can be preset which stops the machine for repair before the disaster occurs, resulting in significant life extension of such critical power plant assets.

QPS Unique Advantages

Inside the hostile environment of power generators, high voltages and strong electromagnetic fields are such that ordinary piezoelectric vibration sensors cannot be used. Yet, until now, only single channel fibre optic vibration sensors were available. They are hard to manage and require one full week of down time to install. QPS uses a bundle of VibroFibre™ sensors and an Integrated Signal Conditioning unit to simplify the architecture, turning this complex problem into a simple one-day installation by glueing the sensors onto the end cap with high temperature epoxy. On top of that, QPS VibroFibre™ sensors are much less expensive because of the use of integrated solid-state technology. Return on investment is instantaneous.

QPS VibroFibre™ technology is also applied for measuring vibration and strain on wind turbines.

For more details please download the VibroFibre™ Application Note:

VibroFibre™ Sensor Application.