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The QPS VibroFibre™ Sensor

The VFT VibroFibre™ vibration sensor is small in size and light in weight. Based on fibre optics, it has the advantages of glass: immunity to EMI and high voltages, nonconductive, passive and durable. These characteristics make the VibroFibre™ sensor suitable for measuring vibration in harsh and hazardous environments such as inside turbine generators and transformers where normal electrical sensors cannot function properly. VibroFibre™ products are packaged in high temperature material providing protection against oil and dust and resistance to moisture.


• Solid State fibre optic construction: no moving parts, long life & reliable, measures displacement directly, factory calibrated

Easy, same day installation

• The only fibre optic vibration sensors that work up to 200°C

• Suitable for all high voltage rotating machines: hydro, wind, steam and gas turbine driven generators and large motors

• Detect vibrations from 5 to 250 microns

• Signal Frequency can be up to 500Hz

Behind the VibroFibre™ is a patent pending Edge Demultiplexing Technology (EDM) and a passive optical amplifier built into the sensor heads. These sensor heads can be custom designed to be of different size, weight, and frequency response and sensitivities. They are so small and thin that they can fit into a half a millimetre slot. Furthermore, they can be mounted on hard to reach places to monitor machine vibration, capture acoustic emissions and perform dynamic strain measurement. Standard sensor heads work well in the normal temperature range. Special sensors can be designed and manufactured to work up to 350ºC, beyond the range of normal electrical strain gauges and MEMS. The VibroFibre™ will operate well at these unusually high temperatures found in chemical process pipes and joints.

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