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Among all QPS products, both Phase Masks and Custom Fibre Gratings are the traditional products that have won QPS worldwide reputation, while sensors and sensor systems are the results of later innovation and many years of R&D.

Invented 15 years ago, FBG Technology has proven itself in the Telecom industry in fibre optical networks. Small in size and light in weight, FBG sensors have a long operating life and are immune to radiation, RFI and EMI. They are passive, consume no power and can work in hostile environments such as extreme temperature, pressure and electrical stress. They are also very reliable, ideal for remote and distributed sensing. QPS VibroFibre™ sensors feature low loss sensor heads made with twin FBG’s in which sensitivity can be optimised by cavity length.

QPS HPS Systems are made up of complex hardware and software. Hardware includes light source, detectors and DSP/MCU system on a chip. The software part starts with signal processing, sensor data management and display, leading to expert systems that can be trained to interpret the data. These expert systems transfer many years of experience into sets of rules, facilitating automated warnings and reactions.

To address the needs of clients who have their own data acquisition systems, QPS offers a VibroFibre™Sensor Bundle solution that features the Integrated Signal Conditioner. The ISC unit outputs analogue signals to a user’s own data acquisition system.

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