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Frequency domain spectroscopy (FDS)

IDAX 300

The Megger Idax-300


Power transformers and power cables are some of the most vital components in today’s transmission and distribution infrastructure. Transformer and cable failures cost enormous amounts of money in prolonged outages and unscheduled maintenance.

It is important to avoid these failures and make testing and diagnostics reliable and efficient.  Frequency domain spectroscopy with instruments such as the Megger IDAX is an off-line low voltage test method that has proven to be one such test.  Because the measurement voltage is so low it is guaranteed to be non-destructive and enhances portability.

The IDAX-300 Insulation Diagnostic Analyzer permits moisture content of the insulation in oil cooled transformers and oil filled cables to be determined directly by electrical measurement, eliminating the complications of trying to calculate the moisture content by indirect means through moisture in oil.

Megger’s IDAX-300 utilizes dielectric spectroscopy, a method that has been used for decades in laboratories. Capacitance and losses in the insulation are measured between windings at multiple test points in a frequency sweep, using low voltages, making it possible to assess the moisture in the solid insulation as well as differentiate between other potential problems.  This well proven technology is now available for field use in the IDAX-300.