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The MPS Gaussometer is designed for measuring DC residual magnetism or AC magnetism. Applications include measuring DC magnetism remaining in rotating machinery parts, electromagnetically induced AC magnetism or magnetism present in the environment. The Gaussometer covers both milligauss and gauss ranges and various models and probe options are available.

It is a rugged but lightweight, hand-held, analogue gaussmeter designed specifically to be an effective tool for measuring magnetism in the field. MPS engineers applied 15 years of experience with gaussmeters to develop the Gaussometer and make it a portable and easy to use analog gaussmeter that has the accuracy of a high-performance laboratory instrument.

Having extensive experience of field conditions, MPS has designed and built the Gaussometer and probes to ensure reliability and long life. The DCP/GR DC Hall effect probe in particular also gives easy access into tight areas that in the past may have been difficult if not impossible to reach.

The MPS Gaussometer is available in AC, DC, and AC/DC models. Model GM-X, for example, includes a AC gauss coil probe for measuring alternating magnetic fields and a DC Hall effect probe for measuring direct magnetic fields.
For the price, the MPS Gaussometer is the lightest, most accurate, and easiest to use gaussmeter available.

For performance and option details please see the Gaussometer Specification.

MPS PocketGaussMeter
For an ultraportable, palm sized option covering the range of –100 to +100 gauss the MPS PocketGaussMeter is an ideal choice. No longer do operators, welders, maintenance personnel and engineers have to settle for measurements by an uncalibrated or defective magnetic indicator or magnetometer. They can eliminate doubts and be assured of reliable measurements.
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