Leak detection ultrasonic

After electricity, compressed air is the mostly widely used energy utility. It is also by far the costliest utility in financial, energy and environmental impact terms. This is before leakages.

When leakages are taken into account the figures are staggering.

Mines and industry on average lose between 35% and 50% of compressed air output due to system leakages and losses in one form or another. However, when including secondary associated costs such as the need for more plant to feed the losses and the maintenance that goes with it, the net efficiency is very low and cost of wastage exceptionally high.

Yet in our current market situation, the need for saving is more important than ever. The benefits in reduced energy consumption are immediate and payback for the service can usually be measured in weeks.

Martec ultrasound inspectors equipped with an ultrasonic detector can readily find and pinpoint a 0,1mm diameter leak @ 1 bar pressure at a distance of 15m. And we can do this in a noisy factory environment.

Our ultrasonic leak detection service is completed during normal production and in normal operating conditions. No shut downs and no production interruptions. All leaks are tagged and documented and a complete report is included, including quantification of the leaks.

Although compressed air leak surveys are the most common requirement, the service may also be used for steam, gas and vacuum systems.

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