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Morgan Schaffer® played a key role in the original development of DGA for condition assessment of oil cooled transformers.  They continue to provide comprehensive world-class laboratory oil testing services for the global market, as well as manufacturing the world’s most precise and accurate transformer monitoring instruments.

Morgan Schaffer®’s mission is to maximize protection of oil-filled electrical assets against incipient faults by providing the worldwide power industry with knowledge, products and services of the highest precision and accuracy. The range of products includes instruments for continuous on-line dissolved gas in oil monitoring (Calisto), field portable dissolved gas analysers (Myrkos) and gas in oil and moisture in oil standards (True North and Atlantis). 

Being ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certified, coupled with 42 years of laboratory experience in oil testing has qualified Morgan Schaffer® to become the global industry reference for laboratory oil testing.

Morgan Schaffer® technologies cover the complete transformer oil monitoring field from on line monitoring of transformers, analysis of insulating oils to managing laboratory performance.

Morgan Shaffer® undertakes all research, development, design and manufacturing from their offices and production facilities in Montreal, Canada.