Reliable corona cameras for daytime inspection

Ofil Systems

Reliable corona cameras for daytime inspection

Ofil is the market leader developer and manufacturer of UV cameras. It was established back in 1993, boasting more than 20 years of experience in the development of UV filters and cameras. Ofil’s DayCor® corona cameras are used in more than 60 countries all over the world, and by:

  • Electrical utilities for inspection of high and medium OH transmission lines
  • Distribution
  • Substations
  • Motors
  • Workshops
  • High-Voltage
  • Laboratories
  • Mines
  • Refineries
  • Heavy industry
  • Data centres and other, as handheld, airborne, vehicle mounted and standalone railroads.

Product Range

  • Hand held corona detecting systems
    • Luminar
    • Superb
    • UVollé
    • Scalar
  • Airborne corona detecting systems
    • ROM
    • ROMpact
    • aviROM
  • Vehicle mounted corona detection systems
    • Ranger
    • Rail
  • SBUV imaging systems
  • Made-to-order SBUV inspection solutions

Key Benefits

  • Ofil’s UV cameras have the highest sensitivity to UV discharge
  • UV Sensitivity
  • 1pC @ 15m – best in the market
  • RIV: 3.6 dB/μV @ 10m – best in the market
  • Certified by RWE Germany
  • UV zoom has the ability to zoom in to see UV corona better, this is unique to Ofil
  • Visible zoom and screen. Ofil uses state of the art TFT panels that can operate day and night
  • GUI – easy and intuitive
  • Our newest camera the Luminar HD is the first to have an HD resolution screen and Continuous Zoom for both visible and UV
  • The SB, solar blind filter is the core of the camera and it is patented. Its Ofil most secret element and the one that allow us to be the most sensitive in the market. The Solar Blind filter together with the detector and few other optic elements makes the big difference.