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Partial discharge analyser (Electrical)

aaR2100 PD Analyser

R2100 PD Analyser

Endwinding PD on 17MW Motor

Endwinding PD on 17MW Motor

Phase Resolve Data

Phase Resolve Data


Partial discharge monitoring is an effective on-line predictive maintenance test for medium and high voltage motors, generators, cables and switchgear at 3300 volt and above, as well as other electrical distribution equipment. The benefits of on-line testing allow for equipment analysis and diagnostics during normal production. Corrective actions can be planned and implemented, resulting in reduced unscheduled downtime.

R2100 Analyser

The R2100 Analyser has 12 PD channels, one power frequency reference channel and two auxiliary inputs for external temperature and humidity sensors allowing for PD correlations with external dynamics. Advanced signal processing techniques are utilized to eliminate noise that occurs in high noise environments such as in high voltage substations. Noise filtering includes, but not limited to, magnitude, polarity and time of arrival.

Another unique feature built into the analyzer is a reflectometer. Use of the reflectometer will assist in locating a defect, such as in a long cable or bus duct. PD data is stored in the form of phase-resolved pulse height distribution.

A full suite of software is included that allows the user to download all data to a PC, perform analysis and present the data.

The R2100 is compatible with all PD sensors including Capacitive Couplers, RFCT’s, RTD’s, TEV sensors, and bushing sensors. This allows one to monitor partial discharge on any system utilising sensors from any vendor or supplier.

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