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Restoration – PE, PEX and XLPE cable

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With the CableCURE® process extruded cable that has suffered water tree damage can be fully restored and further damage prevented.

Is Your Cable a Candidate for CableCURE® Enhancement Service?

When deciding whether to enhance or replace an existing cable, a good place to start is to answer these questions:

• Are we experiencing reliability problems due to failures in stranded, solid dielectric cables?

• Would the disruption to landscaping and pavement caused by replacement be expensive or create public relations or customer satisfaction problems?

• Do we have more problem areas than we have budget to address?

• Would we like to save money with a much more cost-effective approach than replacement?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, CableCURE® treatment is an alternative you should consider.

Turnkey programme:

“Test, Treat, or Replace.” This program allows you to maximise your distribution reliability budget by treating all cables that can be treated, then replacing only those that cannot be effectively treated with the CableCURE® process.


Prior to injection, the UtilX® crew will do some initial testing that will help your team to make the right decision.


By the end of the test process, treatment or replacement of the distribution cable system can start. The distribution system will be either upgraded with treated cable or new cable. This approach insures the most cost-effective use of your budget while also providing for an approach that assures that the entire power system has been addressed. So you maximise your reliability while minimising your costs!

CableCURE® offers proven performance:

Independent testing has proved conclusively that CableCURE® fluid improves the performance of all solid-dielectric cables by at least 0.5% per day, with peak performance improvements approaching 350% within two years of treatment. We experience success rates of 80-90% at customers.You can count on our warranty. If your cable fails dielectrically after CableCURE treatment, UtilX will refund all of your money for the treated segment or segments of cable that experience failure for up to 20 years after the date of service.