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Rotating machine health monitor

Generator monitoring

Generator Monitoring

Temperature Effect on PD

Temperature Effect on PD

RMM on Gearless Mill Drive

RMM on Gearless Mill Drive


Partial discharge monitoring is an effective on-line predictive maintenance tool for medium and high voltage motors and generators. However, one of the problems with PD monitoring on motors and generators is the influence that dynamics such as load, temperature and humidity can have on PD activity. The RMM allows for monitoring of all of these parameters so that correlations can be determined.  Knowing whether and how the PD is influenced by operational or environmental dynamics permits very useful diagnostics to be performed in the event that defects are detected.


The Rotating Machine Monitor is installed on medium voltage motors, turbine generators or Hydro generators to monitor PD activity. The system is modular and allows for the addition of different modules depending upon the customer requirements.

Up to two years of data can be stored on board, and no external connection to a computer is required. The RMM is a complete standalone unit that provides full functionality including IEC-defined Partial Discharge quantities, trending of key values, 2-D and 3-D data presentation as well as N-Q distributions.

With simultaneous data acquisition on all channels, the ability to provide time of flight measurements and/or pulse polarity detection to determine pulse direction, provides unique capabilities for noise cancellation. No other monitor on the market has all of these capabilities built into one device.

• 15 Channel Continuous Partial Discharge Monitor (PDM)

• Up to Six machines can be monitored with one system by

adding additional PDM’s

• USB, Ethernet and RS-485 ModBus communication Interfaces

• Accept auxiliary inputs such as temperature, humidity, flux probes,

shaft currents and vibration

• Outputs include 4 dry contacts and a 4 – 20 ma analogue signal.

• Highly configurable

• Cyclo Converter and Variable Frequency Drive Compatible

 For more information contact Martec or visit the EDI website.