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SDT International is a Belgian based company who have specialised in the research, development and manufacture of ultrasonic detection tools, applications and functionality for over 50 years. SDT is now recognised as the world leader in ultrasonic detection technology for predictive maintenance and quality control.

Ultrasound detection has a very wide range of applications in the world of condition monitoring and predictive maintenance as well as energy saving through leak detection. Applications for ultrasound technology continue to increase. SDT is now easily the most recognisable brand of ultrasonic detection equipment worldwide through its worldwide network of exclusive distributors.

SDT North America introduced the first certified Level 1 ultrasound inspector training which has now been successfully completed by thousands of ultrasound detection practitioners around the world. This is available through Martec with ASNT certification and now also extending to Level 2. New users can guarantee the success of their ultrasonic detection programmes through site specific implementation training offered by SDT’s renowned international trainers.

The range of SDT 200 and SDT 270 ultrasonic detectors with their arrangement of internal and optional external sensors, in standard and ATEX versions, have come to be considered as the first line of defence in many industrial, mining and utility plants as well as in marine offshore and shipping environments. These versatile, ergonomically designed units have become the maintenance tool of choice for mechanical, electrical and energy maintenance professionals throughout the world.