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Transformer management system


Typical DRMCC installation


DRMCC user interface


The DRMCC Transformer Management System

The DRMCC (Dynamic Rating, Monitoring, Control and Communication) is a full featured, modular transformer management system that is designed, developed and manufactured by Dynamic Ratings and which offers the following:

Predictive Loading Capacity:
Defer capital purchases.

Improve control of emergency loading occurrences.

Improved System Reliability:

Catch problems on suspect or critical equipment before progression to failure. Reduce the probability of catastrophic failure on transformers known to be problematic or with a higher than average risk of failure.

Data Consolidation:

Replaces several control devices, providing control and monitoring for the entire transformer in one package with consistent data presentation.


• DNP 3.0.

• Modbus.


Actionable Information:

Summary Alarms.

Dynamic Overload limits.

Product Leadership:

Developed by a leading transformer company for use on their own transformers.