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Unique in the world, Morgan Schaffer’s Oil Standards are crucial when it comes to evaluating laboratory performance. Meant to be used as benchmarks, True North and Atlantis standards are the only way to calibrate the entire process the right way. Would you trust a lab that does not calibrate its instruments?

True North DGA Oil Standard
Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) is accepted to be the most effective way of detecting incipient faults in oil-filled electrical equipment. As these methods require proper calibration of laboratory equipment and processes prior to analyzing oil samples, the use of “TRUE NORTH” certified oil standards is widely recognized as an ideal way of verifying and maintaining the precision and accuracy of DGA methods and a means to ensure that the laboratory used by an end-user is achieving accurate results.

Atlantis Water in Oil Standard
Precise and accurate Dissolved Moisture in Oil results are crucial to your decision making in transformer maintenance. Morgan Schaffer offers the industry “ATLANTIS”, a readily available Dissolved Moisture in Oil Standard to enable clients to validate test results and avoid misleading conclusions. (ASTM D-1533 Test Method for Water in insulating liquids by coulometric Karl Fischer Titration).

• The only way to verify total analytical system performance.
• Provides a common base for calibration of all DGA systems, independently of gas extraction method, gas detection technique or equipment used.
• Common reference guarantees significance of data trending using results from different laboratories.
• Excellent for client or laboratory assessment of analytical performance using blind samples.

For more information please download the True North and Atlantis brochures from the Oil Standards page on the Morgan Schaffer website.