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Ultrasonic tank test system

Underground petrochemical tank leak test SDT 170MTT Tank Test kit    

MTT Ultrasonic Tank Test System


The SDT170 MTT kit for ultrasonic tank testing has been specifically designed to test liquid storage vessels for leaks.  These may be either on the surface or underground; full, empty or partially filled.  Most commonly they are petrochemical tanks and are tested at intervals as part of meeting environmental protection requirements.


Ultrasonic sensors are placed inside the tank, one above the liquid level and one below. Thereafter a partial vacuum is drawn on the tank in order to create a negative pressure.

If the tank has a leak it will produce ultrasound where air enters the tank.  By detecting the ultrasound the sensors inside the tank will indicate whether a leak is present and the nature of the ultrasound will indicate whether the leak is below or above the liquid level.