Intelligent condition monitoring solutions driving sustained plant reliability

Advanced CM solutions on electrical equipment Advanced CM solutions on electrical equipment

Harnessing the specific condition monitoring requirements of critical electrical installations, we provide specialist and custom solutions in this field.

Proven real-time monitoring solutions Proven real-time monitoring solutions

We offer a complete solution by giving remote access to advanced CM data and also ensuring the needed corrective action is taken.

Broad range of cutting edge CM products Broad range of cutting edge CM products

We partner with leading global technology providers. This enables us to sell, install and maintain best-of-breed condition monitoring products exclusively.

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Gain continuous access to the knowledge and expertise of industry-renowned individuals to address your unique problems.

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We share our passion by giving you free access to our technical articles on CM techniques.

One stop shop for everything CM related One stop shop for everything CM related

Sometimes it is not feasible to own assessment equipment, so we bridge the gap by integrating expert skills and technology into affordable solutions.

Our safety culture, safe work practices and risk management systems have earned us a NOSA 5-star rating.

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Condition monitoring is in a phase of rapid technological advancement

CM finds itself at the forefront of development in the fields of Maintenance Management and Asset Management.

Industry 4.0

With the onset of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), significant advances have been made on gathering real-time data remotely and utilising big data concepts to analyse, trend and diagnose potential failure patterns and preventing breakdowns. It has also positioned predictive maintenance to play a more significant strategic role. It paves the way for broader utilisation of artificial intelligence in support of complex risk-based inspection and maintenance management models, taking risk management to new levels.

Sensor Technology

Sensor technology has a major impact on the feasibility of available condition monitoring techniques. This impacts precision maintenance, quality assurance, factory acceptance testing and asset life expansion. It also assists with improved safety and HSSE systems.

Some CM techniques for critical electrical plant

Reliability engineers and practitioners have a wide range of condition monitoring techniques to select from. Only those on top of their game have employed some of the following techniques aimed at critical electrical assets:

  • Fibre-optic distributed monitoring
    • Temperature
    • Vibration (also used in preventing cable theft)
  • VLF, Tan Delta and Capacitance measurement
  • Partial discharge analysis
  • Partial arcing detection
  • Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA)
  • SF6 gas analysis
  • Phase angle analysis
  • Stray Flux monitoring
  • Shaft voltage and current monitoring
  • Ultrasound detection (on electrical failure modes)
CM Techniques

Our collection of TechTalks address these techniques in detail.

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