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About Us

Martec began operating in 2006 as Machine Assessment and Reliability Technology.

Consisting of a small team with a wealth of experience and above all, passionate about integrity, quality and reliability of service. We offer advanced tools, equipment, and services to support condition based maintenance programmes.

Over the years Martec has forged relationships with over 20 manufacturers of reliability enhancement products from around the world. Hand-picked by Martec, these companies each provide a unique product adding to the range which Martec sells into the Southern and Sub-Saharan Africa region.

In 2015 Pragma acquired a controlling interest in Martec to incorporate the condition monitoring of assets into their global asset management portfolio of products and services. Martec operates in Southern Africa with a service division which is in the process of being branded as Pragma Condition Monitoring.

As a group of companies, we are committed to delivering world class reliability enhancement products and engineered asset management solutions to asset-intensive enterprises.

Pragma is a South African engineering company that specialises in the delivery of enterprise asset management solutions to asset-intensive industries.
Since our establishment in 1990, we have developed software tools and asset management practices, packaged to deliver best in class solutions in various industries, balancing asset performance, cost and risks.

Pragma has built a global footprint with regional offices in Africa, Europe and Latin America Our head office and development centre is currently in South Africa. We have partnerships with value added resellers to extend our service offering into more continents.

We understand that the core objective for our clients is to deliver their value proposition through consistent product and services delivery. Reliable high performing assets supported by sound asset management practices are key elements to achieve this, but often rank too low on a business’s list of priorities. This is where Pragma can add value.

We take care of our clients’ assets, while they focus all their attention on their core business promise. Our engineers and consultants actively drive our clients’ asset management strategies, based on the clients’ needs and guided by our asset management roadmap.

Leading global organisations have trusted us with their assets for more than two decades. Our largest current client has partnered with Pragma to manage their asset portfolio in 172 countries. To learn more about our partnerships with clients, watch The Shell Journey on YouTube.

We pride ourselves on having a highly engaged workforce, with a single focus to deliver well engineered asset management solutions for asset intensive enterprises – giving our clients peace of mind that their assets are being looked after 24/7.

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