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Case Studies

Client Reference | Switchgear Temperature Monitoring

The client has a significant in-house electrical generating capacity. They operate a large electrical network ranging from 220V up to 132kV. The loss of generation capacity affects not only a specific section of a plant, but also plant processes downstream.

Client Reference | Online Condition Monitoring for Gas Power Plant Generators 

The client is an integrated chemical and energy company that produces a range of high-value product streams, including liquids, fuels, chemicals and low-carbon electricity. A few years ago the client began producing power from a newly built gas engine power plant which has an export capacity of 140MW and is one of the largest power plants in South Africa using gas.

Case Study | IIoT | Monitoring of Medium Voltage Switchgear using On Line Partial Discharge and Temperature Monitoring

The client operates one of the largest diamond mines in South Africa. Any production loss at the crushing phase of the operations has a significant impact on plant output. Martec, the sole distributor for Emmerson Intellisaw technology in South Africa, supplied, installed and commissioned Intellisaw Temperature and partial discharge monitoring technology on critical 6,6kV circuit breakers and switchgear at the mine.

Client Reference | Water Utility

Martec prevented water outages by providing emergency service to assist a utility when they experienced a breakdown on the switchgear running the pumps.

Client Reference | Real-time Condition Based Monitoring using IIoT Technology

The client is a manufacturer of glass bottles for wine and carbonated soft drinks. Manufacturing of glass products is an energy-intensive process, and the supply of electricity to the plant is critical to the operation.

Client Reference | Mining Industry | Seismic Vibration

A large mining client received a number of complaints relating to residential property damage due to mining activities in the area.

Client Reference | Defect Findings of Medium Voltage Type “C” Terminations at Solar Plants

A client working in the renewable energy space approached Martec to provide a condition assessment of around 800 Type “C” terminations in operation at various solar plants in South Africa.

Client Reference | Improved MV Substation Reliability and Safety with Condition Monitoring

Our client is an electrical utility responsible for the supply and distribution of bulk electrical power to industrial and residential customers in six administrative regions within their country.

Case Study | Manufacturing Food | Parmalat

The Parmalat plant in Kyalami produces and packages a number of different yoghurt products. The client approached Martec to conduct a leak detection survey which involved the process of finding, tagging and quantifying leak loss on all compressed air lines in the factory.

Case Study | On-line condition Assessment Findings of MV Power System (DRUPPS) | Nampak

A failure of the DRUPPS unit 2 reactor led to an investigation and online condition assessment of all the units (1 to 10).

Case Study | Electrical Condition Assessment for Nampak Glass Insurance Requirements | Nampak

Nampak Glass is a leading glass manufacturer producing glass bottles for the food and beverage industry.

Case Study | Dissolved Gas Analysis Findings of Nampak Glass Transformers | Nampak 

Transformer oil tests including Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) were conducted on the oil filled transformers at Nampak Glass, Germiston, during November 2016.

Client Reference | Manufacturing | Mechanical Condition Assessment | High Volume Printing

A specialised printing entity providing services to government stakeholders realised the need for reliability improvement due to irregular maintenance expenditure.

Case Study | Partnering with a Service Company to improve lubrication practices at an iron ore mine

The client operates one of the largest iron ore open-pit mines in the world some 14km long. The JIG plant at the mine is the largest of its type in the world. The mine produced 19.9Mt of iron ore in H1 2019.

Client Reference | Mining | Investigating of High Risk Level Electrical Defects

Our client operates a platinum mine in South Africa’s Limpopo province, covering 137km2. The present infrastructure comprises of five open pits. The mining method is truck-andshovel, and current operating pit depths vary from 45m to 245m.

Case Study | Ultrasound Condition Monitoring Technology to Improve Plant Reliability

The client operates the largest copper mine in Africa. The mine has undergone several expansions since it began operating in 2005. From an initial production capacity of 110,000 tonnes of copper, the mine is now capable of producing 340,000 tonnes of copper and more than 120,000 ounces of gold per year.

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