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In this day and age, where technology is a great enabler in helping to predict equipment or plant downtime, one would reckon that most asset-intensive companies have condition monitoring as one of the arrows in their tactical maintenance quiver. With condition-based maintenance in place, you get a better understanding of the condition of your equipment […]

What we have always professed is now confirmed. Our work practices are extremely safe. In fact, the NOSA 5-star rating acknowledges our efforts as occupational risk management excellence. And what is really great is that the 5-star rating is now aligned with the ISO 45000 Occupational Health and Safety standard. This means that our practices […]

Juan Labuschagne of Martec, the Pragma Group’s condition monitoring company, describes how IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) technology and the use of smart sensors has helped to optimise on-site maintenance delivery and limit the adverse effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on plant operations. Since the arrival of COVID-19 we have experienced immensely negative impacts on […]

Back in 2019, researchers from Verdantix identified the trends in technology roadmaps for asset management technologies and compiled a helpful graphic to illustrate the value and associated growth of these technologies. Of interest to us at the time was the rapid growth and high value associated with Asset Reliability Analytics, Fault Detection and Diagnostics and […]

Brian D. Sparling, Senior Member of IEEE, and Regional Manager with Dynamic Ratings Inc.  The challenges facing substation owners and operators for the past years are unrelenting and are summed up in one sentence: “Reduce operating costs, enhance the availability of the generating and transmission equipment, and improve the supply of power and service to […]

Brian D. Sparling, Senior Member of IEEE, and Regional Manager with Dynamic Ratings Inc. Historically, substation assets have been loaded beyond nameplate ratings and the need to accommodate these emergencies or contingency, conditions are best served using End-to-End electrical apparatus monitoring systems. For many years the limit for normal apparatus loading was based on the […]

Brian D. Sparling, Senior Member of IEEE, and Regional Manager with Dynamic Ratings Inc.  The future of online monitoring of high voltage substation equipment is closely linked to enterprise asset management systems provided that proper measures are implemented for the EAM system to deliver the expected results. Those measures include trained personnel, detailed knowledge of […]

Recognising the efforts of asset management professionals, the Southern African Asset Management Association (SAAMA) has announced Johannes Coetzee as the 2020 Individual Achievement Award winner. “SAAMA is the pivot point for asset management in Southern Africa. To get this award from such a prestigious association is an honour. I’m passionate about asset management and to […]