Underground Storage Tank | Vacusonic Tank Testing

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2 Day
Public or Onsite (Minimum of 6 attendees)

Underground Storage Tank | Vacusonic Tank Testing

Peace of mind knowing operators are effectively training in the detection of underground petrochemical leaks.


The scope

Level 1 Tank Test Training (2 days)
This two-day course consists of one day theory and one day of practical training and caters for condition monitoring professionals and maintenance planners who utilise the SDT270 TankTest kit.

The training provides the learner and operator with an understanding of the equipment and how to interpret the data collected. The acoustic testing of underground tanks is proven to be an effective and reliable method of detecting leaks in petrochemical applications and therefore preventing safety and environmental risks.

Level 2 Tank Test Training (2 days)
Two days of practical training offer a deeper understanding of the methodology surrounding this method of testing.

Course objectives

  • Acoustics and ultrasound technology
  • Principles of tightness control by acoustic methods
  • Qualification of the measuring system
  • Control procedures
  • Concepts of tightness and leakage
  • Leakage of gas and liquid
  • Parameters influencing the flow rate
  • Consequences of UST tightness testing

Course outcomes

  • The principles of ultrasound
  • How ultrasound is applied to leak detection
  • The properties of leaks
  • How to apply sound based techniques to diagnose leaks
  • Learning practical techniques for different tank construction and installation environments
2 Day

Who should attend

  • Condition monitoring and reliability professionals
  • Environmental consultants
  • Energy managers and auditors
  • Field inspectors of petrochemical storage tanks
  • Tank manufacturers
  • Contractors

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