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Partial Discharge (PD) testing kit, to detect and diagnose PD activity

EA Technology

Making partial discharge measurements easyEA Technology

Martec brings the latest in a range of Partial Discharge (PD) instruments which are easy to use and have advanced sensing capabilities and real time analytical features. The ability of this instrument to distinguish true PD from noise and other interference means better maintenance strategy decisions and enhanced safety for the operator. The kit comes in three options, depending on the application of the technology.

Product range
UltraTEV Plus²

The UltraTEV Plus² can transfer asset measurement results directly to your PC or business network via Wi-Fi or USB/SD Card. Together with this, the survey functionality allows details of the substations and assets to be entered on the screen and guides people through a simple survey process.
EA Technology - UltraTEV Plus²

  • The in-built PD classification and interpretation tools to detect problems early to avoid dangerous and damaging failures and minimise network downtime/outages
  • Optimise maintenance cycles and asset life through a better understanding of asset condition, comparing PD results over time to identify trends
  • Increase on-site productivity by rapidly collecting key condition information in an accurate and consistent manner using Survey mode
  • Detect PD in a wider range of assets with the inclusion of cable PD technology

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