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Wireless temperature monitoring systems


IntelliSAW - Wireless temperature monitoring systems CAM-4Wireless temperature monitoring systems

IntelliSAW supplies advanced monitoring solutions for electric power distribution networks. Utilising Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology, passive wireless temperature sensors are installed directly on the conductors in LV and MV equipment. The sensors monitor cable and bus bar connections, bus section, circuit breakers, iso-phase busduct and generator breakers, motor and transformer cable terminations.

Until now there has been no satisfactory solution which readily provides continuous monitoring of temperature within the switchgear without introducing other potential fault conditions such as: arcing, flashover, shorting, lithium battery explosion etc.

SAW technology provides the ideal solution for:

  • Real-time, continuous monitoring
  • No need to risk flashover by opening cabinets for thermal imaging
  • No modifications are required to install IR windows, cameras and fibre optics
  • Safety is guaranteed with no batteries needed
  • Permanently online with no auxiliary power
  • Highly scalable – up to 12 measurement points per cabinet
  • Highly economical – monitors all temperatures from a central location
Wireless temperature monitoring systems CAM-4

The IntelliSAW Critical Asset Monitoring (CAM) unit provides real-time continuous monitoring of electrical assets by providing vital measurements which are required for predictive condition monitoring of switchgear, circuit breakers and bus-ducts.

Sensors detect temperature, partial discharge and humidity. The CAM gives immediate feedback via local HMI or through an industry standard communication interface (Modbus-RTU) for substation SCADA integration.

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