Latest in ultrasound technology from SDT

Martec has announced the release of the SDT340 Ultrasound detector and UAS4.0, which will be available to view at the African Utility Week conference and exhibition from the 14 to 16 May 2019 at the Cape Town ICC. The SDT340, together with UAS4.0, is a cloud-connected condition monitoring solution that combines the power of ultrasound, vibration, temperature and RPM in one diagnostic package. Ultrasound and vibration are the two most relevant indicators of asset condition, especially where the assessment of bearing and gear health are concerned.

Measured with crystal clear clarity, both parameters use the SDT340’s focUS Mode, which is a new way to enhance the analysis of machines, especially gearboxes and slow speed mechanical assets. This allows rubbing, scratching, impacting, gear meshing and reciprocating valves to be ‘seen’, all of which remain hidden at standard sample rates. The system thereby avoids unplanned downtime as it allows for a deeper analysis of any hidden defects. The SDT340’s focUS Mode can capture long data samples with 32K, 64K, 128K or even 256K resolution, so that defects can be found that other monitoring technologies simply cannot resolve. Data acquisition time is adjustable from a few seconds to up to 10 minutes and ultraslow speed systems can be inspected, including machines that do not fully rotate. The internal storage capacity of 4.5+ GBs means never having to worry about memory or data storage cards.

The larger colour display works in split screen mode, so that historical measurements of the time waveform spectrum can be recalled and displayed along with live recordings on a scalable x-y axis.UAS4.0 is scalable, multi-technology, multi-platform software solution for managing and analysing the SDT340’s data. A stand-alone installation, a fully networkable server option or a cloud-hosted data solution can be chosen to monitor and protect the condition of assets.

UAS4.0 breaks down the walls that previously isolated reliability initiatives. Custom adaptors allow data to flow seamlessly to UAS4.0 from other technologies, making it the central repository for asset condition information. With Martec and SDT as trusted reliability solution partners, silos can be removed to enable effective teamwork. Martec provides full ultrasound training in Southern Africa, and the next course, which includes dates for ISO Cat 1 Ultrasound and ASNT Certified Level 1 training will take place from 2 to 5 September 2019.

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