Martec Brand Launch

Martec (Machine Assessment and Reliability Technology), formally ushered in a new era with a holistic suite of intelligent condition monitoring products and engineered solutions. Heralding the companies’ new strategic direction and innovative approach to condition monitoring, Martec’s brand now also boasts a fresh new look. Managing Director, Johannes Coetzee and Pragma CEO Adriaan Scheeres unveiled the new brand too much fanfare and applause from the audience.

“Martec has embraced Industry 4.0 and is excited about the possibilities it offers for huge advances in asset reliability resulting in sustainable plant integrity”, said Johannes. “We wish to partner with our clients to give them access to class-leading equipment and reliability solutions, including technology and tools coupled with specialist advisory services, field services and training. Our latest offering includes in-time monitoring and analytical solutions as part of a remote monitoring and diagnostics service to detect and prevent downtime, ensuring peace of mind for the plant owner”.

Adriaan Scheeres, CEO of the Pragma Group and Martec MD, Johannes Coetzee, unveil the new Martec logo.
Adriaan Scheeres, CEO of the Pragma Group and Martec MD, Johannes Coetzee, unveil the new Martec logo.

Johannes further spoke to how companies who have critical electrical and mechanical infrastructure are often worried about the state of their assets with ageing infrastructure and the lack of skills to manage these assets. With absolute specialists on board, Martec is in the perfect position to outsource this specialised skill-set for specific asset classes. This is a great benefit to clients whose resources are stretched. The long-awaited re-brand launch took place on 21 February and was celebrated with clients, colleagues and partners who gathered together at the Pragma Building in Waterfall Park, Midrand.

Martec’s new look ties in with the Pragma identity and demonstrates how Martec is firmly part of the Pragma group of companies offering a comprehensive set of enterprise asset management solutions and technologies.

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