Martec strengthens its specialist team with additional mechanical condition monitoring expertise

Mechanical Generation Equipment

As part of an expansion drive to further secure their position as a leading provider of a comprehensive range of condition monitoring solutions and products, Martec recently incorporated IDEAS Solutions.

IDEAS is especially well suited to dealing with mechanical condition monitoring needs ranging from sensor technology and field service all the way to training. Heading up this team operationally, and co-founder of IDEAS, is Kobus van der Westhuizen, a mechanical equipment condition monitoring expert who has joined the Martec team as part of the incorporation.

Kobus brings with him a host of specialist product knowledge, technologies and depth of experience. In addition to Martec’s already attractive range of products, clients will gain access to and support on the ACOEM OneProd range, including the FALCON vibration analyser and balancer, EAGLE wireless online sensor system, and the MVX, MVX-120 and KITE wired online monitoring systems. These are all run by the NEST suite of software. Also available are solutions for laser alignment in the FIXTURLASER range of products and a broader training offering that includes mechanical condition monitoring courses such as vibration analysis and laser alignment training.

Kobus says, “At Martec we take a holistic approach to condition monitoring by applying the correct measurement and assessment technology and combining it with the optimal frequency of asset monitoring based on a detailed FMECA (Failure Mode and Effects Criticality Analysis). This approach contributes greatly to increased bottom-line earnings as a result of engineered condition monitoring, providing clients with peace of mind about their assets.”

Martec now also stock and distribute Connection Technology Center, Inc (CTC) products and technology which includes a wide variety of high-quality accelerometers, vibration sensors’ cables and connectors for industrial use in condition monitoring and predictive maintenance applications.

Johannes Coetzee, MD of Martec, says, “We listened to our clients. Over the years Martec has proven its position as the market leader in condition monitoring of key electrical assets. Our clients wanted Martec to offer the same expertise for their critical mechanical assets, and now we have ensured that Martec is a true one-stop shop for anything condition monitoring related. We have integrated condition monitoring on critical mechanical and electrical assets into a seamless product that covers consulting, sensor technology, real-time monitoring (IoT web solutions), field service support and training.”

Condition monitoring is in a phase of rapid technological advancement and with a vast number of companies realising the value of predictive and preventive maintenance, the demand for condition monitoring is on the increase. Condition monitoring identifies hidden defects in equipment to improve the reliability of critical assets and foretell anomalies that might lead to breakdowns. It uncovers the exact causes of failure and guides the most effective corrective action.

In today’s economic environment where clients have constrained resources of cash and skills, it is very important to be able to prioritise asset-related risk based on the best possible predictive information and so utilise these resources where they will have the greatest impact. This allows businesses to mitigate risks, increase efficiencies and save costs.

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