Martec’s Johannes Coetzee receives SAAMA’s Individual Achievement Award

Recognising the efforts of asset management professionals, the Southern African Asset Management Association (SAAMA) has announced Johannes Coetzee as the 2020 Individual Achievement Award winner.
“SAAMA is the pivot point for asset management in Southern Africa. To get this award from such a prestigious association is an honour. I’m passionate about asset management and to get my efforts recognised is the cherry on top,” says Johannes.

Looking at his resume, it is easy to see why this honour has been bestowed on Johannes. Some of the prestigious designations he held include president of SAAMA and vice chairman of the Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management (GFMAM). Johannes also represents SAAMA’s interests at the World Partners in Asset Management and serves on the advisory board of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Pretoria. In these positions, he provided leadership and guidance in the development of significant industry structures and standards and helped raised the profile of the industry across the globe.

During his tenure at Pragma, Johannes participated in developing several innovative practices and new services. Most notably, he assisted in setting up one of the first outsourced maintenance management services in South Africa. His work then and now as managing director of Martec, has allowed him to help define valuable standards, qualifications, tools and assets used to serve clients both in Africa and abroad.

“Johannes always seeks to make a constructive contribution to the companies, organisations and people he works with. He is quick to recognise a need or development opportunity and uses his technical expertise, leadership capabilities and network to bring innovative solutions to the table,” says Pragma Chief Executive Officer Adriaan Scheeres, who nominated Johannes for the award.

We want to congratulate Johannes Coetzee with this achievement and trust that he will perform his duties with grace and use his strengths to make the most of this opportunity to further the physical asset management agenda.

Founded in 1997, SAAMA is registered as a non-profit organisation focused on highlighting the role of physical asset management as a key contributor to long-term business success. SAAMA does this by building synergistic rapport between companies and industries, encouraging the interchange of information, ideas and knowledge, contributing to the development of standards and practices, establishing, maintaining and improving common standards, stimulating and promoting education, training and original research by its liaisons with similar associations locally and internationally.

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