Martec’s safe work practices awarded with a NOSA 5-star rating

What we have always professed is now confirmed. Our work practices are extremely safe. In fact, the NOSA 5-star rating acknowledges our efforts as occupational risk management excellence. And what is really great is that the 5-star rating is now aligned with the ISO 45000 Occupational Health and Safety standard. This means that our practices are higher than usually expected from service providers.

“Our clients can be assured that their plants, equipment and most importantly, staff and clients are in safe hands when we come on-site to perform work. We take all the necessary precautions to ensure safe operating conditions before starting the work and then performing the work safely. If any associated safety events or incidents arise while we work, a further risk assessment is conducted and managed according to our safety protocol, and the incident is reported”, says Naldo Bester, National Projects Manager.

What makes our practices so safe?

Firstly, our people and culture. We have a safety culture and a Goal Zero approach to safety incidents. At home and at work, we endeavour to do things safely.

Secondly, our staff’s competence. We make sure that our teams are suitably trained and competent to do their work and understand the risk associated with the tasks they perform. Using our safety management system, we can track if staff is not adhering to safety standards and address this in their training plans.

Lastly, we have a very involved and stringent safety management system in place. It consists of an incident reporting system, the HSSE app, that integrates with our Enterprise Asset Management system, On Key, where incident data is collected, processed, and used to inform our risk assessment. This, in turn, feeds to our management system, where different levels of control reside. Tasks have been configured in On Key to manage and deliver on our statutory compliance controls and legislative requirements. A further part of our management system is our competency matrix, where we define competency requirements for different roles and responsibilities. These requirements are included in job descriptions and reviewed during six monthly development discussions. Relevant courses are bookmarked in their training plans, and their training status is reported back in the management system.

Our eyes are set on ISO 45000 certification

According to Toni de Klerk, Pragma HSSE Manager, the 5-star rating confirms that our management system and work processes are of a very high occupational health and safety standard. It provides a solid foundation for our plan to achieve ISO 45000 certification.

The Pragma group endeavours to lead the way and become the benchmark for safe work performance in the asset management industry.

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