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An Investment in Reliability Excellence

Mechanical Plant Assessment and Condition Monitoring Service

The scope

Condition monitoring provides the asset owner with a clear understanding of the health and risk of failure. The Pragma Condition monitoring service for mechanical equipment is a fully customisable offering:

  • Giving a choice between continuous monitoring, periodic non-intrusive condition assessments or a combination of the two.
  • Providing a comprehensive report including the asset health, diagnostics, prognostics and recommendations for corrective action.
  • Applications include
    • Compressors
    • Pumps
    • Fans
    • Gearboxes
    • Mills
    • Hydraulic systems
    • Conveyers
    • Turbines
    • Motors
    • Generators
    • Valves
    • Steam traps

Key Features

Assessments are conducted with the plant in normal service and without interrupting production. The findings presented in the report enable asset managers, engineers and maintenance staff to make informed decisions in the implementation of condition based maintenance (CBM) strategies.

  • Safety is addressed using non-intrusive technology
  • Trending data builds a complete picture of asset health
  • Multiple technologies are deployed to pin-point imminent failures
  • Reports identify, locate and qualify maintenance recommendations

The Benefits

  • Eliminate unnecessary maintenance
  • Prevent unplanned failures
  • Eliminate secondary damage
  • Reduce corrective action outage time
  • Plan for corrective action
  • Take corrective action without time pressure
  • Reduce spare parts holding
  • Identify and manage asset failure safety risks
  • Manage asset failure environmental risks
  • Extension of asset life and improved product quality
  • A higher return on the initial investment of assets.

“Extend the health and life of your assets and reduce your maintenance costs”

Proactive maintenance time line chart
Concerns addressed
  • We don’t know the health of our assets
  • We do not realise the full life potential of our capital investments
  • Our quality of service could be improved by preventing unplanned
  • We have no way of optimising or prioritising asset replacement
  • We need to optimise energy efficiency but do not know how
  • We do not know where our highest risks are or where to spend our limited budget
  • We are unable to identify and manage our health and safety risks
  • We are at risk of environmental incidents
  • We do not know where to start to contain the risk
  • We can’t decide which CM technology to use

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