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Isolator operation, monitoring and control

MindCore Technologies

MindCore TechnologiesMindCore Technologies is a Canadian-based company specialising in the design, manufacture and distribution of world-class disconnect switches (isolators) of all types, ranging from 15 kV to 800 kV (100A to 4000A).

MindCore Technologies acquired several decades of expertise in the field of disconnects with the acquisition of GS T&D Products Canada. With this acquisition MindCore improved upon the design and manufacture of the GS T&D product range of switches.

By incorporating new manufacturing techniques, improving reliability and increasing strength, MindCore switches lead the industry with a range high quality switches that outperform all competitors.

In 2016 MindCore merged with EHT International. EHT specialised in the manufacture of intelligent motor operators for isolators that can be used for condition monitoring and real-time analysis of switch operation.

The EHT iMCC intelligent motorised control cabinet can be used on all makes and models of disconnect switches as a stand-alone operator. It can of course be used with all MindCore switches as well. The iMCC provides a level of security utilities have never had with regards to switch operation and control.

MindCore’s station class switches are designed using high strength, lightweight aluminium alloys. This combined with proven, highly visible, silvered copper contacts and robust sealed bearing pivots, provide the industry with switches that stand the test of time and withstand the harshest of environments.

The AVX vertical break isolator has the following product features:

  • Enhanced design from robust Kearney philosophy
  • Aluminium current carrying parts
  • Silver-to-Silver self-wiping contacts
  • Reversed loop design on hinge and jaw side
  • 900 blade rollover guarantees ice breaking capability
  • 3 sets of NEMA terminal pads on both ends
  • Very high short-circuit withstand
  • All series of 30-degree rise (A01) available
  • IEE 693 high seismic tested
  • Temperature monitoring of furnaces

iMCC provides various benefits including operation improvement, increased life of the switch, real-time misalignment and blockage detection, condition based maintenance and real-time notification in case of failures. It provides all the mechanical features of a conventional motor operated disconnect (MOD) that is maintenance free. It has an integrated electronic monitoring and control module called iCOD. iMCC is compatible with all disconnect switches that utilise a rotary drive shaft for ratios from 45 to 220 degrees and multiple turns, of any output torque. Using high precision gears, robust gearbox and an overrated motor, it is designed to operate for the life of the disconnect switch.

The EHT iMCC motor operator has the following features and benefits:

  • Variable speed control
  • Decreased mechanical stress of switch components
  • Reduced arcing time
  • Optical positioning system assures optimal closed position every time
  • Integrated monitoring and control system for detection and prevention of switch failures
  • Optional communication module for IEC 61850 or DNP 3.0 without an RTU
  • Universal design can be used on all makes and models of isolators

IMCC Smart Motor Operator is a smart and robust motor operating mechanism for controlling and monitoring disconnect switches. It offers variable speed control, real time and condition based monitoring, alarm notification, IEC 61850/DNP3 communication, optical positioning, universal design and more.

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