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Boiler tube leak detection

Mistras | Triple 5

Mistras - Triple 5 IndustriesBoiler tube leak detection

Boiler tube failures are the leading cause of downtime for steam power plants and recovery mills. Process plants also face similar challenges.

Mistras | Triple 5 Industries has recognised the issue and developed a series of products for early event detection.

Defects detected
  • Boiler leaks
  • Feedwater heater leaks and operational anomalies
  • Stuck sootblowers
  • Sootblower effectiveness
  • Boiler pluggage and slagging
  • Leaking valves and external issues
  • Damaging vibration
Key benefits
  • Detect leaks earlier than traditional methods
  • Locate area of leak before unit comes offline
  • Trend the severity and progression of the leak with real time data
  • Manage market exposure and risk
  • Scheduled maintenance versus a forced outage
Metalborne waveguides
  • Detects leak noise that travels through the boiler gases and fused metal pathways
  • Detects tube leaks on waterwalls that are both internal and external to the furnace
  • Can be located almost anywhere on the boiler; NOT limited to existing boiler opening
  • Sensitivity equals or surpasses the airborne waveguides
  • Acoustic collection area is larger, providing greater sensitivity
  • Cost less to purchase and are easier to install
  • Do not need to be cleaned or purged with air, reducing system maintenance

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