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Continuous Monitoring Solution


Martec’s vibration monitoring partner, offering the market a robust range of continuous vibration analysis solutions

Motornostix® is a purely South African company which specialises in remote machine health monitoring technology and services. Asset health and performance is monitored with sensors and digital technology supported by specialist services. Providing our client’s with the knowledge they need to maintain and operate their critical assets optimally.

  • Grinding mills
  • Conveyers
  • Rotating machines
    • Pumps, thickeners, compressors, crushers, agitators, winders, vibrating screens. We will design, install and operate an appropriate condition monitoring system optimised for specific failure modes, and monitor the machine health data it delivers.

Solutions are tailored according to the client’s budget and operational processes, as well as asset types. Options available range from in-house and portable to full-service remote monitoring, for complete peace-of-mind.

Sensor technology

Wireless Agitator

Machine Health Surveillance™ – permanent installation of sensors and data acquisition devices 

MHS™ is a remote online condition monitoring system which is optimised according to a client’s needs. This solution is on that is recommended for plants with several critical assets. With larger installations, the support services ensure an ROI (return on investment).

How does it work?

The MHS data gets delivered via sensors and software as trends, alerts, spectra, and wave-forms. This data is interpreted by a trained analyst who can regularly report to the asset owners dashboard device and software platform.

This solution provides low cost, easy-to-use machine health monitoring through regular portable data gathering.


The MXD™ is a digital smart asset monitoring solution which includes IoT technology. It measures the overall condition of critical assets, which are monitored by using intelligent industrial sensors and devices. Data is processed and securely stored to be delivered digitally as visual trends, alerts, and status updates across mobile applications and dashboard devices. A service contract ensures a complete end-to-end asset condition monitoring solution with long-term support.

ID Canary™

An onsite portable monitoring device the ID Canary™ is an easy to use data trending solution with advanced diagnostic capabilities for in-house use with the option of remote specialist assistance.

Data integrity is guaranteed by integrating ID information with the measurement point. Daily and weekly monitoring by trained on-site staff, working optimally, has been proven to result in the highest return on investment.

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