Embracing innovation in transformer management Critical infrastructure management has leapt forward in an era dominated by technological advancement – and transformers are no exception. Gone are the days of relying solely on reactive maintenance, as integrating risk assessments, online monitoring, and the Internet of Things (IoT) promises a new dawn for transformer management. As we delve into the intricate world of transformers, we uncover the pivotal importance of tracking asset and condition risk, shedding light on achieving the elusive goal of 100% uptime. I. The dual frontier: Asset risk and condition risk Navigating the terrain of transformer management requires addressing two distinct yet interconnected facets: asset risk and condition risk. Asset risk Transformers represent substantial investments in any power infrastructure. Ensuring their longevity and optimal performance is paramount. Asset risk encompasses the probability of: a safety incident occurring (if power is lost for more than 24 hours) associated financial loss...
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Did You Know

Did you know?

Martec is the exclusive South African agent for some of the top global Condition Monitoring Products.

We have agreements with the following technology partners: CTC, Cutsforth, Dynamic Ratings, Eaton Predictive Technology, EA Technology, Electro Static Technology, EMT, Fluke, HVPD, NKT Photonics – LIOS, Magnetic Products and Services, Megger, MTE, Mistras | Triple 5, Motornostix, Ofil Systems, Radar Engineers, Silixa, SDT International, Techimp.

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