In this day and age, where technology is a great enabler in helping to predict equipment or plant downtime, one would reckon that most asset-intensive companies have condition monitoring as one of the arrows in their tactical maintenance quiver. With condition-based maintenance in place, you get a better understanding of the condition of your equipment which in turn helps you to do the appropriate maintenance when required. The spinoff to this is increased production, improved safety, reduced maintenance costs and failures, a controlled budget and ultimately - longer-lasting assets. While there is a definite increase in the number of companies using CM technologies and services, we still encounter businesses either with limited /failed or partially implemented CM programmes, or no plan business strategy related to their reliability or condition monitoring programmes. So why then do engineering managers not include condition monitoring in their maintenance and reliability programmes? We’ve found a...
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Did You Know

Did you know?

Martec is the exclusive South African agent for some of the top global Condition Monitoring Products.

We have agreements with the following technology partners: CTC, Cutsforth, Dynamic Ratings, Eaton Predictive Technology, EA Technology, Electro Static Technology, EMT, Fluke, HVPD, IntelliSAW, NKT Photonics – LIOS, Magnetic Products and Services, Megger, MTE, Mistras | Triple 5, Motornostix, Ofil Systems, Radar Engineers, Silixa, SDT International, Techimp.