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Predictive monitoring of critical rotating machinery

Predictive Systems Engineering

Predictive Systems Engineering

Predictive Systems Engineering Inc. is a technology company which provides a software/hardware overlay to existing industrial maintenance systems, upgrading and enhancing those systems in order to provide predictive monitoring of critical rotating machinery. The corporate office is located in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada.

Employing Phase Angle diagnostics, this patented PSE technology breakthrough permits mechanical defects such as the following to be detected:

Gear tooth wear
Gear eccentricity and/or backlash
Cracked or broken gear teeth
Transmission faults
Bearing problems
Loose foundations
Coupling faults
Belt slippage
Pump imbalance
Fan imbalance
AC and DC and variable speed motor faults

Diagnostics software detects minor disturbances in the monitored asset, tracks the growth of the disturbances to failure, and differentiates the failure root cause and provides a prognosis of the remaining asset life cycle. Monitoring is automated and remotely supervised by PSE’s experts.

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