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cmc Instruments offer a new approach to gearbox and bearing failure prevention, enabling condition based maintenance and provide a powerful tool for remote monitoring of High Voltage transformers.

WearSens® WS 3000 And OilQSens® OQ 3000

WearSens® WS 3000 and OilQSens® OQ 3000 are unique, novel systems for a continuous online oil condition monitoring with a web based, decentralized remote access 24/7. Early indication of oil changes leads to optimum loading and/or condition based maintenance.

The result- huge savings in money, downtime and man hours. Both sensor systems work from day 1, prior to other technologies limits of detection. Measure, monitor and trend relative permittivity, electrical conductivity and loss factor tan delta.

  • High precision
  • High performance
  • Earliest detection of critical operation conditions
  • Continuous online protection 24/7
  • Condition Based Maintenance
  • Easy retrofit
  • Low cost of ownership

Various Applications

  • Wind turbine gearboxes
  • High Voltage transformers, traction transformers
  • Marine Engines
  • Oil regeneration units
  • Oil deterioration and contamination monitoring
cmc Instruments

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