NKT Photonics – LIOS


We deliver LIOS distributed temperature and strain sensing of unrivaled quality and performance. More than 20 years’ experience and thousands of systems in the field speaks for themselves.

LIOS Technology


The LIOS temperature and strain sensing solutions gives you a quick and easy overview of the status of your installation. They deliver continuous and accurate monitoring of temperature and strain over long distances or across large surfaces – at the speed of light!

Compared to traditional sensing solutions, you get so many advantages with a LIOS sensing system.

One huge advantage is the continuous distributed monitoring. Because the length of the optical fiber serves as a sensor, you can get a spatial resolution as low as 1m.

Another advantage is that a LIOS system is the most cost-effective for large installations as you do not have to install heaps of conventional sensors across your installation.

Our systems are extremely robust because they are not affected by environmental factors that would normally influence traditional sensors. Made from durable components, the systems are highly reliable, too.


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