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Magnetic Products and Services, Inc. is an industry leader in providing shaft condition monitoring products, and world-wide service to degauss or demagnetise rotating equipment components, evaluate shaft voltages and currents on rotating equipment, and provide on-site solutions to a variety of problems related to shaft voltages and residual magnetism.

The most common field problems include:

  • Pitted Babbitt or white metal bearings
  • Increasing thrust bearing temperatures
  • Repeated bearing failures
  • “Worm tracks” on Babbitt bearings
  • Excessive ground brush wear
  • Electrically induced failure of roller or ball type bearings
  • Elevated voltages on the shafts of rotating equipment

Gaussbuster Services comprehensively cover shaft voltages, shaft currents, magnetism, circulating currents, magnetising and demagnetising, methods and monitoring of shaft voltage and shaft to ground current, solutions for magnetically induced welding problems and efficient magnetic particle inspection.

The MPS goal is to have plant personnel understand shaft voltage and its control as it relates to their equipment. For over 25 years MPS engineers have been educating and solving customer problems around the world. Happy and satisfied customers have humorously named MPS “The Gaussbusters”.

Magnetic Products and Services Inc

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