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Oil Sample Database Pro

Oil Sample Database Pro is an application that analyses and records the results of tests on samples taken from an operating transformer for condition monitoring and asset assessment.

Key Features

  • Client or Area database
  • Sites data
  • Assets data (i.e. transformers/reactors)
  • Sample and results
  • Trending and analysis
  • Transformer risk management
  • Colour coded results for easy identification
  • Reporting and asset comments
  • Transformer classification

Key Benefits

  • Know the status of any of your transformers at the click of a button
  • Risk assess any transformer asset
  • Trend the severity and progression of fault condition
  • Manage a fleet of transformers
  • Schedule routine and specialised sampling

Asset Risk Assessment Tool

  • Flexible system for adding and subtracting risk factors
  • Uses the power of data to assess the current condition
  • Easy wizard to lead you through the assessment
  • Calculates risk on long term and short-term parameters
  • Uses both asset and condition risk elements

Trending Data

OSDB Pro can output/export data in many different styles

  • Any numeric value can be trended
  • Both value or date labels can be displayed
  • Zoom into your data
  • Log style trending also possible

Diagnostics and Analysis Tools Available

  • IEC ratios
  • Rogers’ ratios
  • Key gas
  • Production per day
  • Dr Duval triangles and Pentagrams 1 & 2
  • Moisture analysis
  • Furanics and degree of polymerisation

Reporting and Exporting Data

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