Transformer Oil Sample Database (a South African-developed product)

OSDB Pro is a two-tier application database that assists transformer fleet owners in tracking and managing samples taken from operating transformer units. The application assists in condition assessments and fleet risk management from this condition-based data.

Some of the key features

  • Client or area information
  • Client/area site data
  • Asset data (ie transformer and or reactors)
  • Sample and results (normalised)
  • Components table
  • Component limits (colour-coded results according to transformer class and oil type)
  • Transformer risk assessment using existing data and incorporating network, financial and operational risk
  • Extensive reporting
  • Extensive analysis tools available

Key benefits

  • Know the status of any of your transformers at the click of a button
  • Risk assess any transformer asset
  • Trend the severity and progression of fault condition
  • Manage a fleet of transformers
  • Schedule routine and specialised sampling

Transformer risk analysis

  • OSDB Pro is a truly flexible system
  • Enabled to modify the risk attributes by adding or removing items for different class transformers
  • Uses the power of the existing data to assess the current condition
  • An easy wizard to lead you through the assessment
  • Calculates risk on long- and short-term operational parameters
  • Uses both asset and condition-based risk elements

Other diagnostic and analysis tools available

  • IEC, Roger’s and Döernenburg ratios
  • Key gas
  • Gas production per day (hour)
  • Graphic DGA analysis (Dr M Duval’s diagrams and Dr N Moodley diagrams)
  • Degree of polymerization tracking
  • Moisture-in-paper graphical representation

Modern analysis can be visualised and used in other reporting.

Swimline trends
Rodgers ratio plot
High Temp Duval
Low temp Triangle – Moodley
Pentagon 1 Duval
Multi component trending

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