QPS Photronics Inc.

QPS Photronics Inc. is in Pointe Claire, Quebec, Canada specialising in vibration measurement sensors and systems for harsh environments.


QPS Photronics

Supported by a patent pending Edge Demultiplexing Technology (EDM), QPS is one of the leaders in the Fibre Optics and Photronics industry. QPS’s HPS/ISC Fibre Grating Sensor systems and VibroFibre™ sensors form a powerful solution for vibration measurement in harsh environments (high temperature, high pressure, high voltage, RFI/EMI etc), yet are more cost effective than alternatives with lesser performance features and functions. The QPS technology platform is ideally suited for continuous online monitoring of turbine generators, pipelines, large wind turbines and other critical structures.

The high specification products from QPS Photronics serve to demonstrate their capabilities. QPS is also equipped with a large inventory of Phase Masks which compliments their Fibre Bragg Gratings manufacturing capability.

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