Strongly committed to innovation and research, Techimp (TECHnological IMProvements) Company partnering with Martec in South Africa stand for excellence in the field of innovative diagnostic technologies applied to electrical engineering. More than fifteen years of research and in-field experience have resulted in a complete portfolio of products and services providing customers and partners with the best knowledge-based solutions for their electrical assets and smart grid


Your partner in Smart Grid technology

Techimp is the ideal partner for managing smart grids with products that represent the state of the art in diagnostic of electrical equipment, covering the full range of on-line and off-line applications from quality control, to condition based maintenance and permanent remote monitoring. The core of the approach is based on an innovative technology of Global Monitoring, integrating Partial Discharge monitoring and analysis with dissolved gas analysis for oil-filled transformers (DGA), vibration monitoring, temperature and power quality assessment (DTS) and tan-delta measurements, using a unique monitoring systemwith specifically developed sensing solutions.

There are more than 4000 Techimp installations

Techimp has solutions covering the full diagnostic tooling needed for any practical application in electrical systems: Sensors and Accessories, Acquisition Units, SCADA and advanced Diagnostic Software

What makes us unique?

Enhanced Data Analysis and Patented Techimp T-F map filter technology The fundamental innovation of Techimp PD diagnostic systems consist of the acquisition and processing philosophy.

Techimp’s acquisition units are provided with ultra-wide bandwidth acquisition system, which collect PD pulse peak, PD phase and PD pulse waveforms. Per each acquired pulse the acquisition unit automatically calculates its equivalent time and equivalent frequency content, building the so called “T-F map”. The map shows groups of pulses “clusters” characterised by same time and frequency content, i.e. homogenous pulses.

An efficient separation of different discharge activities, including noise rejection, can be achieved through pulse shape analysis. It avoids identification to be affected by different phenomena overlapping, as well as noise superposition to real PD phenomena.


Martec and Techimp offer diagnostic condition assessment services for all electrical MV/HV assets. Besides ON-line and OFF-line PD spot testing, our engineers perform condition assessment by measurements such as PI (polarisation index), Tan-D, TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) and insulation resistance. After each test and inspection performed, customers receive a comprehensive test report as a basis for further asset management decisions.

Recently Techimp and ISA joined forces to create the Altanova Group.


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