Triple 5 Industries

Triple 5 Industries located in Yardville, New Jersey, USA is a leading designer and manufacturer of portable bench top instruments and permanently installed on-line acoustic leak detection systems used to detect and locate leaks and other condition related problems in pressurized vessels including power boilers, recovery boilers and feedwater heaters.

Triple 5’s AMS-3 Boiler Tube Leak Detection Systems, with several hundred installations proving their value as 24/7 monitoring devices, use advanced technology to identify and locate leaks in all areas of the boiler including the furnace, waterwall, condensers, economizer, penthouse, and superheat and reheat sections.

Find the problem before it finds you!

Triple 5’s On-line Systems, Bench Top and Portable leak detecting equipment will help you locate problem areas in the early stages before they grow too large causing longer down times, higher repair costs and possible harm to employees.

Falcon Solutions

Triple 5 also markets the range of acoustic fault detectors for power electrical applications from Falcon Solutions. The Falcon Solutions’ 50FD Fault Detector portable series detects partial discharge in power transformers and can be used in Switchyard/Substation Predictive Maintenance Programmes.

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